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Chef Harjinder Singh, popularly known as Sweety Singh, has been whipping up Punjabi Food since the age of 19. Since childhood, His passion for Punjabi food was fuelled at a young age by his father, Gyani Santosh Singh, who ran a flourishing food business from a Dhaba back in the 1950s.

Years later, Sweety continues the original business started by his father and also has his own catering business, all this without any formal training in cooking. It was his mentor, New Delhi based Chef Manjeet Singh Gill, of ITC Sheraton Group, who spotted the talent in Sweety. Sweety Singh’s very first food fest was at ITC Park Sheraton, Chennai in December 1998.

Since then he has been doing Punjabi Food Fests in various other hotels including the Oberoi, Radisson, Fortune group of hotels, BJN Groups, Oris Group, Marriot, Jaypee Continental, Mumtaz Mahal (Muscat) to name a few. When asked the difference between his food and the Punjabi food served in most restaurants, he says: “Authentic, homemade Punjabi food is not heavy, it is wholesome. I do not use any cashew, almond, saffron, and food colour in any of my preparations; those are just fancy frills to lend food a designer touch.

I cook my food in asli ghee, which, unlike what people generally believe, is healthy. I make my own spices. Punjabi food gets a bad reputation when people impart populist touches to it, and give convention and authentic cooking processes a go by. Real Punjabi food is cooked slowly, even overnight over the coal fire of a chula, and always with freshly ground masalas.” Renowned for his unique take on traditional dishes, he further says: ” I am always envisioning new dishes in my mind, and wondering what to create next.”

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