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Culinary Travel

Culinary tourism has emerged as a central facet to any tourist experience. It encompasses cultural practices, the landscape, the sea, local history, values and cultural heritage.* Food serves to connect us with the land, our heritage and the people around us. It is a diverse and dynamic channel for sharing stories, forming relationships and building communities. By combining travel with these edible experiences, food tourism offers both locals and tourists alike an authentic “taste of place”.

By combining travel with these tasty experiences, food tourism (also known as culinary tourism or gastronomic tourism) offers both locals and tourists alike an authentic taste of place in the city, town, region, or country in which they’re visiting.
It includes any tourism experience in which a person learns about, appreciates, consumes or – dare we say – indulges in food and drink that reflects the local cuisine, heritage, or culture of a place.
Food tourism is not limited to gourmet food. It is about what is unique, authentic, and memorable about the delicious stories a destination has to tell. This includes farmers, cheesemongers, fishermen, brewers, winemakers, and everyone in between.
eatwithIndia was created in 2016 and is a platform for food-lovers to gather at a host’s house and dig into top-quality home-cooked food” and is essentially a dinner party of complete strangers that share one thing; their love for food. Of course, the private chefs are verified by the team at eatwithIndia and their cooking and hosting skills must be approved before they can host a dinner party.
eatwithIndia curates culinary travel tours which encompass the local cuisine in it’s entirety. Wether it’s curated dinner at a local families house or sampling the finest street food faire. Our previous culinary travel experiences have lead diners from palaces where they’re hosted by the royal family to farmer markets to sample the freshest local foods to homes of families who’ve preserved recipes for generations.


Gwalior Culinary Trip

The Mughals, British, Rajputs, Marathas, Muslim rulers, Sikhs and some more may have played out their roles in India’s rich history, but they all seem to have a unique common link to a city in central India – Gwalior.
The Royal culinary trip to Gwalior ..we started our Royal culinary trip to Gwalior with a mission to discover the hidden treasures of Maratha cuisine at the Royal table of Uma Devi Jadhav and her husband at the beautiful Deobagh palace.
We not only discovered the culinary delight of the Marathas but indulged in chanderi shopping at Deobagh followed by a tour of the majestic Gwalior fort and last but not the least, the mouth watering street food of Gwalior …100 year old Gajak shop Ratiram ,SS Kachoriwala ,Bahadura sweets and the legendary Agarwala Poha wala .All in all a fun packed day full of food interesting conversations and a lesson on history of India.

Nanital Culinary Trip

Kumaoni food at Abbotsford Nainital

By Sangeeta Khanna

Nainital is not just a hill station known for the beautiful Naini lake. This quaint little town is known for the wild life, the wild life conservators, educational institutions, clubs and the lush green pine forests with a blue hue that reflects magically in the Naini lake too.
Incidentally this is my birthplace too and there are many childhood memories attached to the lake, the sepia toned pictures in our family album have kept the memories alive. We have made a few quick trips to Nainital in between but I have been meaning to go and stay there for a relaxed holiday to get more insights into the culture and cuisine.

I got a chance to get a glimpse of the cuisine in the meanwhile, when EatwithIndia organised a culinary tour of Nainital is association with Abbotsford, the heritage home of Janhavi Prasada who graciously hosts guests in the ancestral property that has been converted into a home stay.
Along with Sonal Saxena of EatwithIndia we reached Abbotsford a little ahead of lunch time few weekends ago and what we experienced was nothing short of an ideal hillside holiday sprinkled with great food.While Delhi had already started getting hot around that time it was great to feel the nip in the air even during noon time.

After a customary welcome teeka, flowers and Rhododendron drink we headed straight to the lunch table set up at the Cafe Chica lawns.

The first thing served to start the lunch was sana hua nimbu and it was the best I had tasted till date. I took the recipe and created at home after I returned in fact.

I was not particularly hungry but the Kumaoni home style food was so delicious I overate after ages, so much that I skipped dinner that day. The sticky hand pounded rice had come from Janhavi’s aunt’s farm and the kapha (Kumaoni spinach stew) felt like the best pairing with that flavourful rice. The other dishes like gahat (horse gram) ki dal, alu gutka, ganderi ki subzi, kheere ka raita, bhang ki chutney and bhatt ki chutney were all so flavourful we all took multiple helpings, mopping everything up with mandue ki roti.

We went for a long walk towards the Naini lake after lunch, enjoyed boating, walked around the markets and the mall road after lunch.
Janhavi cooked a country style chicken curry on wood fire for dinner and one of the guests Kunal Mandal conducted a quiz that I participated despite splitting headache. We talked about how and why we need to conserve regional traditional cuisines so the ingredients and cooking techniques are not lost forever. I couldn’t stay on for dinner but heard it was as good as the lunch.

Next day Janhavi took everyone for a farmer’s market walk and then to the boat club. Once back the lunch was laid down again in it’s finery.
These were all Janhavi’s family recipes, cooked expertly by their family cook who takes care of the home stay kitchen too. It’s very rare that cooks can recreate family recipes so expertly but Abbotsford has kept the mark high, the food is to die for.
The mooli ki kadhi, home style mutton curry, methi chaman, khatta meetha kaddu, bhune tamatar ki chutney etc were all great, bursting with flavour and made so well. Thanks to EatwithIndia we got to taste all such homely food from the region, that too from the repertoire of a family. We tasted delicious Singhal, a spiral deep fried sweet pastry made by the cook and it was delicious.
This short weekend trip packed so much and yet left us hungry for more.

Thank you EatwithIndia and Abbotsford for this cherishable experience. The taste of the best Kumaoni food I have had till date, will be etched in my mind forever.

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