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Working her way up the corporate ladder, witting her way through an illustrious career in media and advertising, Shahla Ahmed had a refined palate for Indian flavours from the very beginning.

It was in 2012, when she decided to leave her job as a media-person, that her passion for cooking, which had been stewing along all the way, finally had the chance to come to the fore.

“Nobody cooked mutton better than my father”, she recalls as her face lights up when she takes a step back in time to reminisce of the aromas, flavours and textures of her father’s homemade mutton curry.

Taking this dish as family heritage and her origin, she has now come to be masterful of traditional Indian flavours, especially Mughlai cuisine. Shahla’s cooking not only retains the rustic charm of the original recipes, but her quirky takes on standard dishes make her a culinary force to be reckoned with. After resigning from her job at a foremost media house, she meticulously worked towards finding the balance between well sourced proteins, farm fresh ingredients and authentic spices, all of which marry under her watchful eye in pots and pans before making way into our stomachs and eventually, our hearts. One of her signature dishes is her Biryani, which is unlike any of existing nine flavours are used to.

Shahla tells us that the USP of this dish is a delicate use of Zafraan/Kesar/Saffron and it’s a Layered Dumm Biryani like Irani and Hyderabadi style.

Shahla’s signature Biryani is rich and decadent, almost unmistakably royal and yet still has bold, tongue catching flavours giving it a subtle Hyderabadi twang. Careful balancing of spices, flavours and slow cooked to perfection, Shahla’s Biryani surely is a fresh new entrant on the Biryanis of India list! Her knowledge of proteins, spices and her skill with cooking meats to perfection makes Shahla a master of her differently new Style.

Be it her passion for food, or her love for re-invention. Shahla Ahmed has made her place amongst the culinary elite in Delhi NCR.

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