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Location: Lucknow

Living in the heart of the city Of nawabs is a Rajput Royal family of Khajurgaon which resides in their palace which was made in the 18th century.

Raja Amresh Kumar Singh and Rani Abha Singh currently reside in it with their son Rajkumar Shivraj Singh. Shivraj is an entrepreneur and also an avid golfer and cook.

He has tried to deeply cherish and take forward the family s hospitality and culinary arts which have been passed down generations.

He has managed to recreate the family s signature recipes such as mutton qorma, Shaami kebabs, and murgh dum pukht and ensuring the same cooking procedures for each dish the same way his grand father did .

The Khajurgaon palace in lucknow is more than 135 years old and the building is a blend of three kinds of architecture avadhi , British and Turkish .

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