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Location: Guwahati
Cuisine: Assamese

Niluphar lives in the beautiful city of Red River and the blue hills, Guwahati. Growing up in a large family of brothers and sisters on the banks of Kolong, Nowgong with a Mother who spent most of the time in the kitchen food became an integral part of her life.

Niluphar was actually inducted into the kitchen very early in her life. She tells us that her favourite part of the day was the evening tea time, she was entrusted to prepare tea for all and she would experiment, try out new recipes and allow her creative expression to flow through the medium of cooking.

She would add a creative twist to her Mother’s recipes and make her own. She enjoyed bringing in an element of surprise in her dishes and still continues to do so.

She has been a regular participant and winner in the Food Contests in the city and is a familiar name in the cooking circuit in Guwhati.

She says “ Cooking is not just my passion and it’s the ability to bring happiness in people and the joy when they enjoy food , is the most gratifying part of the journey” .

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