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KV Bedla

Location: Udaipur

Having to host illustrious foreign and Indian dignitaries, the food and entertainment at Bedla Palace acquired great fame with excellence being just a mere norm.

Over the years they refined and improved their entertainment activities leading to tables groaning under the weight of superb culinary delights. The cuisine kept on evolving, keeping intact the basic distinctive authenticity coupled with imagination and innovation.

Amongst the notable international personalities who have relished the Bedla cuisine is Queen Elizabeth, Jacqueline Kennedy, the shah of Iran, Indira Gandhi, Jawahar lal Nehru and various royalties of Rajasthan.

The culinary cult developed in terms of its rich preparations, concoctions and flavours during the time of Rao Bahadur Karan singh of Bedla who was a great connoisseur of food. He used to call distinguished chefs from all over the country, put them in one kitchen and asked them to experiment with flavours.

It was during his reign that lot of recipies came up and Bedla’s became epitome of lavish hospitality tradition. As a tribute to him, the Bedlas have named their cuisine as the “KARAN CUISINE”.

It was him who invented the historical Bedla Sauce comprising of more than 32 ingredients and matured over 8 months, which enhances the flavour of the Bedla dishes. It is indeed an all round wonder sauce which can be used for table purposes, while cooking and marinating.

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