Globo Eat Private Limited
A-96, A Block, Sector 65, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301


Location: Guwahati
Cuisine: Bengali/Assamese

Growing up in Assam, with rivers that abound with fish, verdant fields that surrounded my small town of Hojai, food played a huge role in my life. Watching my Grandmother cook delectable dishes without following any recipe book fascinated me no end.

Her play with simple ingredients and cooking the most memorable meals are still etched on my mind and on my taste buds. Taking her as my inspiration today, I cook and happily serve my family and friends.

Being married to a foodie husband, my experiment in the kitchen continues. I’m a full time home maker and a mother to an eager food loving teenage daughter, who is also my toughest critic and my support in all my cooking trails.

She encourages me to experiment with ingredients and Cuisines. I try to imbibe the local influence into my cooking , of late I have started paying attention to plating as well, after all we eat with our eyes first.

My style of cooking a influenced by my husband too. As he is a Bengali, my cooking style is a confluence of Assamese and Bengali style of cooking. I try creating my own style using the best of both the cuisines. Fish being a favourite of both , I can dish up a quintessential Bengali preparation then I can also whip up Maas Pitika or Tenga Maas with confidence.

Nothing gives me greater joy than being able to cook and feed family, friends and guests. It gives me great pleasure to join with EatwithIndia and invite all of you to my dining room and enjoy a partake a meal with

conversation and stories.

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