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Home Made by Tasneem is concept restaurant and a boutique catering service offering authentic Bohri cuisine. The Bohra community eats in a specific way. There is a lot of tradition and history attached to each of our meals. The Home Made experience includes a sumptuous 5-course meal served in a thal which stems from the tradition of Bohra’s eating collectively in a group of 8 persons.

Home Made by Tasneem serves their meals in a ‘thal’ which stems from the the tradition of the Bohra’s eating collectively in a group of 8 persons. A ‘thal’ is a large round metal plate, around which the family sits helping themselves from the same dish, course by course. It is considered to be a symbol of unity, equality and sharing. A square cloth called ‘safra’ is placed on a carpet, on which a raised metal or wooden stand called ‘kundli’ is placed; the ‘thal’ is then put on top of the ‘kundli’.

We believe that the food served on special events should be just that: Special. Hence, we write all of our menus for each and every thal.Although there are some dishes we love and would want to recommend from time to time, by and large each menu is a distinct reflection of the food heritage carried on by the Bohra’s of Mumbai.

Every meal is started and ended with taking a grain of salt which is believed to clean the taste buds and cure many diseases. The first course is then served, which interestingly is dessert. The Bohra’s consider it auspicious to begin a meal with a sweet dish. In the Bohra language all desserts are called ‘mithaas’.
Our next course is the ‘kharaas’ or the appetizer which usually consists of a chicken or mutton dish and is accompanied by a salad.

Another round of ‘mithaas’ and ‘kharaas’ is repeated.

The ‘jaman’ or the main course is almost always a rice dish. Favourites include kaarichawal and dal chawalpalidu. Depending on the dish, jaman is accompanied by either a cold drink or soup. Dry fruits or Paan (betel leaves) are a must before the family members taste the salt again to cleanse their tongues.

Get to know about the traditions and cuisine in India.

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