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The pursuit of perfecting authentic Kashmiri Pandit food started when, all those years ago, my mother-in-law, Mrs. Deepa Raina, a new bride, confided in her mother, her wish to be able to cook for her new family.

Her mother immediately sprung into action, sending recipes via hand written letters, using and explaining terms like ‘chataang’. These had, in turn, been imparted to her by her mother.

Thus started the tradition of passing on wholesome and authentic family recipes. Years later, my mother in law has taught me what she learned 40 years ago in the exact same way that she learnt, in the process, instilling in me, a love for the authentic Kashmiri cooking.

From Dum Aloo, Rogan Josh to Methi Chaman, everything is cooked the traditional way – by stewing our signature dishes in aromatic spices like bay leaves ,cinnamon, cardamom and many more, slowly, to bring all the flavours together, Over the years kashmiri food has been adapted to convenience by many to tomatoes, onion and garlic for gravy ,whereas traditionally, the Maharajs (cooks) proudly cooked without any of these and with only a dash of yogurt which is used to create gravy and also lends a cooling effect to the dish.

To sum it up , we welcome you to our dining table to share a meal with us and hope to give you an authentic taste of the valley and experience to remember.


Appetiser -
Nadru Chips

Mains -
Mutton Yakhni
Mutton Pasande
Methi Chaman
Khatte Aloo
Steamed Rice

Dessert -
Kashmiri Kheer

Get to know about the traditions and cuisine in India.

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