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My food journey started almost from my birth… My mother the youngest of 8 siblings and hailing from a family where food was religion – got married into a household where her mother in law was a culinary genius as were her sister in laws.

My mum as a young bride felt overwhelmed in the kitchen and decided that she had to master cooking. With patient guidance from her siblings, mother in law over trunk calls, inland letters etc and cook books she slowly taught herself and I can say she is perhaps one of the finest cooks I know.

My foray into the kitchen started after marriage and just like my mother, after many slips and misses and under her patient mentorship… I too started getting the hang of it. I realised that cooking gave me joy and was a de stressor.

I started entertaining a lot as I grew more confident in my culinary skills. Unlike my mum and my maternal aunts who pretty much cooked a variety of cuisines – my interest was primarily in my native Malayali cuisine and continues to be till date.

Around 2004 – I was invited by a corporate house to cater a dinner with authentic Malayali cuisine. That’s when it dawned on me to pursue my passion professionally. I specialize in Traditional Kerala Cuisine with a special emphasis on the Syrian Christian cuisine – which is the community I hail from.

Even though Kerala is famous for its repertoire of seafood , poultry and meat, my menu lays equal stress on the flavourful and subtle vegetarian fare from my state.


Fish Moilee
Chicken Stew 
Kerala Egg Roast
Moplah Mutton/Chicken Biriyani/Veg
Veg Stew
Payasam With Jaggery And Dal

Get to know about the traditions and cuisine in India.

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